Pokémon GO: what they are for and how to get special items

Pokémon GO: what they are for and how to get special items

In Pokémon GO there are some special items that serve to evolve specific pokémons. These items are much more difficult to obtain than the normal ones and, therefore, are highly coveted by players who want to obtain some rarer pokémons.

Check out the updated list of special Pokémon GO items below and how to get them!

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Pokémon GO special items

Dragon Scale Dragon Scale (Dragon Scale)Seadra to Kingdra
Metal Coat Metallic Coating (Metal Coat)Onix to Steelix Scyther to Scizor
Sun Stone Solar Stone (Sun Stone)Gloom for Belossom Sunkern to Sunflora
King's Rock King’s Stone (King’s Rock)Poliwhirl to Politoed Slowpoke to Slowking
Up Grade Improvement (Up Grade)Porygon to Porygon 2
Sinnoh Stone Sinnoh Stone (Sinnoh Stone)Aipom to Ambipom Dusclops to Dusknoir Electabuzz for Electivire Gligar to Gliscor Kirlia to Gallade Lickitung for Lickilicky Magmar to Magmortar Misdreavus to Mismagius Murkrow to Honchkrow Piloswine to Mamoswine Porygon2 to Porygon-Z Rhydon to Rhyperior Roselia to Roserade Sneasel for Weavile Snorunt for Froslass Tangela to Tangrowth Togetic to Togekiss Yanma to Yanmega
Unova Stone - Pokémon GO Unova Stone (Unova Stone)Pansage for Simisage Fly to Simisear Panpour for Simipour Lampent for Chandelure

Attention: to evolve the Pokémon above, in addition to using the special items mentioned, you still need to pay the normal amount of Candy.

Learn how to earn Sinnoh Stones!

How to get special items in Pokémon GO

Special Items - Pokemon Go

The six special items in the game can be obtained in the same ways, so there is no way to search for a specific item. If you are in need of an Up Grade, for example, you should try the forms listed below until the item appears.


Although it is the standard way to get special items, it is also the most difficult. It is possible to get special items on PokeStops, but the chances are very low and therefore many players don’t even know it is possible. Generally, you will need to visit MANY PokeStops to get a special item, unless you are very lucky.

Weekly rewards

The safest way to get special items. If you visit PokeStops every day for a week, you will receive a reward containing a special guaranteed item.


Gifts have a chance, however small, to contain special items. Try to exchange them with friends whenever possible.

Field research

Completing field research can also yield special items. Keep an eye on each reward list to get your desired items.

Battles between coaches

Coach battles offer rewards that can contain special items. Battles against other players can yield up to three rewards a day, while dueling against NPC’s (non-player characters) is limited to one reward per day.


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