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Pokecord commands

Pokecord is a Discord bot that simulates a Pokémon game in which you can collect creatures, battle, use items, pass levels, exchange pokémons, and much more. With it, wild pokémons will appear randomly on their servers and channels and players must enter commands to capture them and control their actions. As Pokecord has several interactions, we’ve made a complete list of all the commands you need to do everything in the bot below. Check out!

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Pokecord general and configuration commands

The table below shows the general Pokecord commands. The bot does not need major configurations since you only need to start it with “p! Start”. However, we advise you to enable the “p! Detailed” command as soon as possible, as it shows extra information about pokémons. There’s no reason not to use it!

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CommandIt is made
p! startStart the bot. The game only starts after you type this command
p! pickChoose between the initial Pokémon in the game. All generations are included
p! helpDisplays a list of useful Pokecord commands
p! detailedDisplays more information about your pokémon whenever you use the p! Pokemon command (see next table)
p! infoDisplays the IV of your Pokémon
p! orderOrder your Pokémon in the chosen order. The available options are: alphabetical , number , level and IV (alphabetical, number, level and IV, respectively)
p! dailyAllows you to vote for Pokecord on the Discord bot site.
p! silenceToggle Pokémon messages up and down
p! redeemReceive a Pokémon if you have a pending delivery
p! redeem creditsSells a Pokémon delivery for 15,000 credits

Pokemon Commands

CommandIt is made
p! catchCapture a wild Pokémon. It is necessary to enter the exact name of the Pokémon
p! hintDisplays a hint about the current wild pokémon
p! selectSelect which Pokémon will receive XP for chatting and which will battle
p! select latestSelects the last Pokémon obtained
p! infoDisplays the information of the selected Pokémon
p! info latestDisplays the information of the last Pokémon obtained
p! infoDisplays a Pokémon with its base attributes
p! info shinyDisplays a shiny pokémon with its base attributes
P! infoDisplays information for the corresponding Pokémon
p! pokémonDisplays a list of your Pokémon
p! pokémon –nameDisplays all your Pokémon with the corresponding name
p! pokémon –shinyDisplays all your shiny Pokémon
p! pokedexDisplays your Pokédex and the count of how many Pokémon you have
p! pokedexDisplays Pokémon you don’t have yet
p! nicknameCreates a nickname for the selected Pokémon
p! dropitemDrop the item your current Pokémon holds
p! megaEvolve a Pokémon to Mega X or Y. You must have acquired Mega Evolution
p! releaseReleases the corresponding Pokémon. If there is no number, the bot will try to release the selected Pokémon
p! addfavAdd the corresponding Pokémon to your list of favorites
p! removefacRemoves the corresponding pokémon from your list of favorites
p! favDisplays your list of favorite Pokémon

Commands for challenges and duels

CommandIt is made
p! challengesDisplays the current challenges available
p! selectSelect the Pokémon to battle
p! movesDisplays the current attacks of the selected Pokémon and those that can still be learned
p! learnTry to learn the chosen attack. It is necessary to choose which attack will be replaced
p! replaceReplaces the current attack with what you want to learn
p! duel <@username>Challenge a server user to a duel
p! acceptAccept a duel challenge
p! useThe selected Pokémon uses the corresponding attack

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Exchange Commands

CommandIt is made
p! trade @usernameStarts an exchange with someone
p! p addAdds one or more Pokémon to the exchange offer
p! p removeRemoves one or more Pokémon from the exchange offer
p! c addAdds credits to your exchange offer
p! c removeRemoves credits from your exchange offer
p! confirmConfirms the exchange. Must be typed by both players
p! cancelCancel the exchange

Market and Store Commands

In Pokecord, the Market is the menu where you can buy and sell Pokémon using credits from the bot. These credits are obtained by dueling or selling captured Pokémon. The Shop, on the other hand, is the menu where you can buy items such as Rare Sweets, evolution items, Boosters, etc.

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CommandIt is made
p! balDisplays your credits
p! market searchDisplays the requested Market page
p! market searchMercardo Search
p! market viewDisplays detailed information about a Pokémon in the Market
p! market infoSame thing as the command above
p! market listDisplays a list of Pokémon in the Market
p! market buyBuy a Pokémon from the Market. It is necessary to confirm the transaction with “p! Confirmmbuy” or cancel with “p! Cancel”.
p! market removeRemove a Pokémon of yours from the Market
p! market listingsDisplays the Pokémon you have entered in the Marketplace
p! shopOpens the Store menu.
p! buy!Purchase the selected item from the Store

Market demand filters

You can insert add-ons to the ” p! Market search ” command to further specify your search. To do this, simply add the commands below, separated by spaces. Example: “p! Market search –type –level”.

CommandIt is made
–nameSearch pokémons by name
–nicknameSearch pokémons by their nicknames
–levelSearch for Pokémon by their level
–holdingSearch pokémons for the items they are using
–typeSearch pokémons by type
–priceSearch Pokémon for the specific price
–hpivSearch Pokémon for HP IV
–atkivSearch Pokémon for Attack IV
–defivSearch Pokémon for Defense IV
–spatkivSearch Pokémon for Special Attack IV
–spdefivSearch Pokémon for Special Defense IV
–speedivSearch Pokémon for Speed ​​IV
–shinySearch for shiny pokémons
–order id ascending / descendingSort results by Pokémon ID
–order lvl ascending / descending (ascending / descending)Sort the results by the level of the Pokémon
–order price ascending / descending (ascending / descending)Sort results by price
–order iv ascending / descending (ascending / descending)Sort the results by the sum of the Pokémon’s IV
–order name ascending / descendingSort the results by the name of the Pokémon

Server commands

CommandIt is made
p! prefixDefines the server prefix. Can be used to change the “p!” of the commands
p! redirect <#Channel Name>Sets the Pokémon spawn for the selected channel
p! redirect disableTurn Pokémon spawn on and off on all channels
p! channel enable / disable (enable / disable)Enables and disables “p!” Commands on the channel you are
p! levelup enable / disable (enable / disable)Enables and disables level alerts
p! clearspawns enable / disable (enable / disable)Enables and disables messages that appear when Pokémon are captured

Bot Commands

CommandIt is made
p! botinfoDisplays general information about the bot
p! inviteProvides an invitation link to the bot
p! donateSend a donation link to the bot
p! patreonSend a link to the Pokecord Patreon page
p! serverSend an invitation link to the official bot server


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