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10 online games to play as a group in the browser!


10 online games

The number of online games available for the browser is countless, but those that allow you to play only with your friends, these are few. So, thinking of you who want to play a party with your group of friends, we have brought a list with 10 games that allow you to create a private room and only invite whoever you want. Check out!

1. StopotS (Stop!)

StopotS (Stop!)

Play StopotS here

StopotS is the famous Stop! Game, also known as Adedonha or Adedanha. The game puts you in a room with 9 more players and the goal is to enter words with the letter drawn, according to the required categories. The more categories you hit, the more points you accumulate. The categories are randomly assigned to each round so you never know what to order. The game also features a side chat for those who like to interact.

Accessing the game is extremely easy and you don’t even need to enter a nickname, just press “Play”. To create a room, you just need to click on “Create Room”, choose the rules of the match and then copy the link to the room and send it to your friends.

2. Gartic

gartic cke

Play Gartic here

Gartic is a drawing game in the style of Image in Action or Pictionary. Here, one of the players in the room is responsible for drawing something and everyone else must guess what it is. To help, a tip is shown at the top of the screen. The more drawings and the faster you get it right, the more points you will earn.

To play, just choose from one of the countless rooms already created according to the type of design you want to guess (food, cartoon, film, objects, etc.), choose any nick for you and that’s it. If you want to play with friends, you need to register on the site and then select “Create Room”.

3. Drawize


Play Drawsize here

Drawsize (translated as Game of drawing), is a beautiful alternative to Gartic. The game has exactly the same premise: one player draws and others have to guess what it is. Despite being less famous than Gartic, Drawsize has a better worked visual identity, in addition to having more game modes and a system of experience and money.

To play Drawsize, you only need to choose a nick and an avatar. To create a room, simply click on “Play with friends” and send the link provided to your friends.

4. One

10 online games to play as a group in the browser!

Play Uno here

The very famous card game Uno has several online versions out there, but the Facebook version offers the best experience to play in the browser. The game offers Uno’s faithful experience, but it also has a few different modes for those who want to innovate. In addition, Uno for Facebook is the best version to invite friends to play, and it also has a simple and straightforward interface in addition to very nice graphics and sound effects.

To play, you must have a Facebook account. To play in a group with friends, simply select the match mode you want to participate in and then select “Invite friends”.

5. Agar.io


Play Agar.io here

One of the most famous “io” games, Agar.io puts you in control of a cell (in fact, it’s just a circle) along with countless other players with the aim of swallowing (touching) other circles. The more circles you swallow, the bigger you become, which allows you to swallow more players. In addition to having a competitive aspect, one of the biggest in the game is to try to beat your own record in each match.

Agar.io has several different modes, including a Battle Royale and even allows you to create your own skins. To play, just choose any nickname and select “Play”. To play with a group of friends, simply select “Create” in the “Party Mode” section and then send the code provided to friends.

6. Habbo


Play Habbo here

Habbo is a life simulator with a great focus on interaction between players. The game has a large active community that keeps the online social experience fun. Besides being able to create and customize your avatars, the game has a system of achievements and weekly events that give a “stir” in the gameplay. To improve, the game is EXTREMELY lightweight with its minimalist pixelated graphics.

To play Habbo, you need to create an account quickly or link the game to your Facebook account. To play with friends, you only need, at any time during the game, to select the “Find Habbos” menu.

7. Wings.io

wings.io cke

Play Wings.io here

Following the same premise of all “io” games, Wings.io puts you in control of a small fighter in a scenario full of other players. This time the action is a little more frantic since, in addition to being able to run over enemies, it is possible to destroy them with the distance with shots. Like all games in the series, the greatest grace is to try to beat your own record and, for that, you will have to dodge and counter a LOT!

To play Wings.io, just choose any nickname and select “Play”. To play with a group of friends, you just need to select “Copy Room Link” in the upper left corner and send the code to whoever you want.

8. Bloble.io


Play Bloble.io here

Bloble is a strategy game in which you need to build your base with buildings like Walls, Shacks, Towers, Houses, Generators, etc. Each of these pieces has its own attributes and contribute in some way to the maintenance of its defense. Each part also has an energy cost (Power), which you automatically generate over time. The objective of the game is to build your base in the most strategic way to win battles with opposing bases.

To play Bloble.io, just choose a nick and select “Play”. To play in a group, just click on “Create Party” in the upper right corner and send the code to friends.

9. Online Poker – Texas Hold’em

The social poker cke

Play Online Poker Here

There is not much to say. Online Poker is a simple and pure poker game that you can play with strangers or friends. The interface is extremely simple and straightforward, offering everything you need to compete quickly. Among the pokers available online, this is one of the very few that run directly in the browser and still allow you to create rooms to play privately with friends.

To play Online Poker, you need to register quickly. To play in a group, you just need to select “Invite friends” from the main menu.

10. Diep.io

Diepio cke

Play Diep.io here

Diep.io is a slightly different game from the others in the series, since here you control a random geometric shape using the W, A, S and D keys. Your “character” can shoot at other players and, the more enemies destroy, the more points you get. Best of all, the game has 8 different modes such as doubles, teams, solo, survival and even a catch.

To play Diep.io, you just need to choose a nick and press Enter. To play with friends, click on “Copy Party Link” in the upper right corner and send the code to them.



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