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10 free MMORPG games on pc and consoles!


MMORPG games on pc

In this article, we have separated 10 good free MMORPG games on pc and consoles of the current generation. These are very different games that will certainly attract your attention, each one because of their specific strengths. See below and download all of them to your platform right now!

1. Path of Exile – PC, Xbox One and PS4 (2013)

mmorpg games on pc
mmorpg games on pc

Path of Exile is known to have been inspired by Diablo. And obviously, the inspiration couldn’t be better. With this we have an MMORPG with isometric view, campaign divided into acts and a lot of customization. Play alone or in the company of other players and explore a world ravaged by demons.

The game is even quite long in its main campaign. Other than that there are other game modes that add extra content to the player’s enjoyment. For one game free, there’s a lot to do. Visually it is impeccable, delivering a complete experience and without any financial expense.

2. The Lord of The Rings Online – PC (2007)

The Lord of The Rings Online – PC (2007)

This is a little-known game in the Lord of the Rings franchise. It will take you back to Middle-earth, in the company of several famous and beloved characters, such as the wizard Gandalf. There are dozens of very well constructed missions, with a very immersive narrative.

As expected, you can choose your race at the beginning. You can have a house and decorate it the way you want. THE game it has several periodic updates, which continue to add more quality content. It is worth a lot, but mainly for fans of Tolkien’s books and films.

3. EVE Online – PC (2003)

EVE Online – PC (2003)

EVE Online is a classic MMORPG. From the list he is the only one of science fiction, and in this regard he is simply the best ever created among those who are free. Even though it was launched in 2003, it still presents nice graphics.

You will fly a spaceship, out of the 350 available to choose from. There are several sizes, features and types. Once the choice is made, make your way and don’t look back. Explore, loot, wage wars and become famous across the Universe.

4. Dauntless – PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 (2019)

Dauntless – PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 (2019)

Dauntless is one of the newest games of its kind. It does its job well, pitting the player against creatures called Behemoths. Your mission is to eliminate them, steal everything they leave on their corpses and improve their weapons, to follow until the last enemy.

THE game it is more interesting in its cooperative mode, with up to 4 players. That’s when the fun begins, as it becomes more dynamic and less repetitive.

5. Wakfu – PC and Android (2012)

Wakfu – PC and Android (2012)

Wakfu is quite different, starting with the fact that the combat is tactical. This means that you place your characters on the field before the battle, and each fight takes place in turns. So you can’t make the wrong decisions, requiring strategy from the players.

The characters are very cute, all being drawn, but not in the anime style like Aura Kingdom. Another cool point is the possibility to customize these characters a lot, since there are 18 classes and 14 professions.

6. Neverwinter – PC, Xbox One and PS4 (2013)

Neverwinter – PC, Xbox One and PS4 (2013)

Neverwinter is one of the coolest on the list. It is directly inspired by the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, the most famous table RPG in history. That’s why the narrative is the highlight of this game. But not only that: the combat is frantic, the graphics are beautiful and all the characters from the original RPG are here.

They can take one of dozens of classes, which makes creating the avatar much more interesting. In addition, you can choose your character’s origin story. Define the divinity that blesses you, the city where you come from and other points, and then start your journey!

7. Trove – PC, Xbox One and PS4 (2015)

Trove – PC, Xbox One and PS4 (2015)

If you like Minecraft a lot, then Trove is to download now. It is an MMORPG with block characters that live in a block world. It is a game very much geared towards casual players and who do not take their games so seriously, wanting to have fun for a few hours a week.

Basically you will build your home, the world around you and explore caves, dungeons and other mysterious places to find treasures and new building materials.

8. Rift – PC (2011)

Rift – PC (2011)

Rift was created to try to face World of Warcraft. Obviously failed. Still, that attempt brought a game of very good quality. We emphasize the system of classes and vocations, which allows combining several characteristics to form a unique hero.

THE game requires that cooperation between players is a high point of interaction. After all, whenever a rift or a crack appears, demons invade the world, demanding that everyone have to close it as soon as possible.

9. Aura Kingdom – PC, Android and iOS (2013)

Aura Kingdom – PC, Android and iOS (2013)

If you want an MMORPG that resembles a Japanese design, Aura Kingdom is what you are looking for. THE game it is in 2D and its graphics are total anime. The rest does not change much in relation to games of the genre, being a warrior that fights the forces of evil.

There are 14 classes in the game, ranging from Mage to Ninja, and you still have a spirit that helps you in battles. The graphics are very good for the simplicity of the title, although it receives negative reviews for being too easy and not very innovative.

10. Eldevin – PC (2014)

Eldevin – PC (2014)

Eldevin may not have the best graphics at all, but it makes up for everything the player is capable of doing. It is quite complete for a free game, putting you in the position of supreme defender of the Eldevin kingdom. The story somewhat resembles Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so expect a lot of demons.

There are 6 skill trees available, 14 classes and more than 200 skills that you can have. In other words: there is a lot to do to evolve your character to the maximum in this game!



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