How to put texture packs in Minecraft all versions


If there’s anything that can bother you about Minecraft, it’s the graph. So you will learn how to put texture packs in the game! You will see that it is a very simple and quick process to do, but that will give a different face to the game. And the best: you can change the textures in all versions of the game!

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PC version

Step 1: Download the texture packs

Knowing where to find the texture files is the first thing. They are not in any official place, but you can access forums and specialized websites in Minecraft. Texture packs come in zipped files, but there is no need to unzip them. Just copy and paste them into the game’s texture folder on your PC.

Step 2: install textures in the game

The final part is the easiest. You will open the game normally. Select the “Texture packs” option. There will be all the packages you downloaded and left in the game’s texture folder. Just select what you want and apply. You don’t even need to restart the game, since the new textures will be included immediately. Now just play!

Mobile version

The mobile version (Pocket or Bedrock Edition) has practically the same steps as the PC version. The difference is that you will download the zipped texture file to your phone or tablet and unzip it. This can be done through a specific app, but most cell phones already have this function.

After doing this, copy the texture folder and paste it into the folder where Minecraft is installed. But it must be specifically in the “Resources” folder. Once this is done, you can start the game.

When you get to the game, you will select the option “Texture packs”, choose the texture you want and that’s it! Once again: just play and get going!

Console Version

On the console you don’t have access to a database where you can get free textures. As a rule, you should go to your console’s Store and buy texture packs. After that download the packs and start the game. Go to the textures section in the menu and select the one you want to install.


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