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12 seeds of Mansion for Minecraft!


The Forest Mansions are among the most sought-after structures in Minecraft. So, if you no longer want to have a hard time finding them, below we have collected 12 seeds of the mansion in different types of scenarios.

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Attention: all the seeds below are compatible with the version 1.16, Edition Bedrock (Windows 10, Pocket Edition, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox). To access them, just go to the “Create new world” menu and, in the “Seed for the World Generator” field, paste the codes you will find below. Enjoy!

1. Mansion with Portal in Ruins

Mansion with Portal in Ruins
  • Seed code: 503820117
  • Coordinates: -928, 106, -1052

This mansion has a Ruined Portal on the roof for you to easily access the Nether. The mansion’s surroundings are full of lakes, trees and mountains, and the interior of the house is partially “decorated” with elements of the Nether.

2. Mansion with outpost

Mansion with outpost
  • Seed code: 209690663
  • Coordinates: 535, 66, 534

This mansion is accompanied by an outpost and a well decorated outdoor area with plantations, huts, lakes connected by bridges.

3. Abandoned Village

Abandoned Village
  • Seed code: 575901225
  • Coordinates: 74, 71, 32

Much like the mansions above, but surrounded by an abandoned village with several houses and other structures covered in cobwebs. Near the mansion there is also a mountain biome.

4. Outpost in the desert

Outpost in the desert
  • Seed code: -649206984
  • Coordinates: -818, 64, 310

This mansion is located right on the border of a forest biome and a desert biome. The interior is lightly decorated with desert-themed elements and, right next to the house, there is a watchtower aimed at the desert area.

5. Mansion on the ocean

Mansion on the ocean
  • Seed code: -1844207646
  • Coordinates: -678, 64, 650

A mansion located on a small island, in a vast archipelago. The house is right on the edge of the ocean and all the elements of this seed are located on other small islands. In them you will find different biomes and even a village.

6. Mushroom Mansion

Mushroom Mansion
  • Seed code: -1258993757
  • Coordinates: -1617, 74, 394

A mansion located between a forest biome and a mountain biome, both filled with mushrooms of all sizes. The interior of the mansion and the garden also follow the same line.

7. Snowy mansion

Snowy mansion
  • Seed code: 1696407233
  • Coordinates: 530, 91, 587

This mansion is located between a forest biome and a tundra biome. In addition, this week does not contain major news.

8. Mansion in the village

A beautiful village house with its garden
  • Seed code: -1045523417
  • Coordinates: 197, 64, -672

This mansion is located right in the middle of a village full of NPCs, animals and huts. The surroundings also have many trees and lakes.

9. Big mansion

Big mansion
  • Seed code: 2033394339
  • Coordinates: 640, 72, 57

A mansion like all others, but … very tall. There is not much to be said.

10. Mansion in the Swamp

Mansion in the Swamp
  • Seed code: -1731459768
  • Coordinates: 505, 85, 356

A mansion located right next to a swamp biome. The place is also surrounded by closed forest and mountainous regions.

11. Mansion on the coast

Mansion on the coast
  • Seed code: -110765050
  • Coordinates: 216, 101, 976

Similar to the mansion in the ocean, with the difference of not being located on a small island. Here, the house is within a forest biome, but still right next to the sea. When crossing it, it is possible to visit other biomes.

12. Mansion with in 3 biomes

Mansion with in 3 biomes
  • Seed code: 238900086
  • Coordinates: -768, 88, 346

Just like all the others, but located right at the intersection of three biomes: forest, desert and savanna.



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