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Even with so many successful electronic games, table RPGs have never lost their charm and fun. Telling a story, rolling dice, counting houses, and making decisions still attracts thousands of players, and the proof of this is the existence of online table RPGs! Below you will find a list of the 6 best platforms for you to have the same experience as in-person tables, on your computer screen. After all, it is not always possible to bring everyone together in the same place, but that is not why the Campaign should stop. Check out!

1. Roll20


Access Roll20 here

Probably the best known online table RPG in the world, Roll20 has all the tools you need. Compatible with more than 10 systems (Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, etc.), the platform offers several customization options for scenarios, tokens, characters, skills and monsters. If you still can’t find what you want, Roll20 allows you to upload your textures and images to insert on the map.

Roll20’s tools are also very intuitive and practical, making the role of the GM much easier. Everything you need to use is always visible on the screen.

2. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds

Access Fantasy Grounds here

Another big one. Fantasy Grounds has more RPG licenses than any other online desktop RPG site. With support for more than 20 systems such as D&D, D&D Classic, Vampire, Traveler, Pathfinder and others. The game also has hundreds of images for you to use with monsters, characters, places, animals, etc., in addition to several ready maps of caves, dungeons and tunnels.

The only major drawback of Fantasy Grounds is that the free version is only a demo, meaning most of the content is paid for.

3. RRPG Firecast

RRPG Firecast
RRPG Firecast

Access RRPG Firecast here

RRPG Firecast is, visually, more limited than the options above but still has all the necessary tools for a good campaign. The site has support for the main RPG systems such as D&D, 3D & T, Vampires, GURPS, etc., and has chat, dice roller (all types), microphone support and, mainly, a large active community.

4. Astral


Access Astral here

Astral is possibly the most visually beautiful online table RPG you’ll find. With over 12,000 items and images to insert into your story, you’ll never run out of options for monsters, places, characters, etc. The platform also has numerous visual effects for you to insert on the board, making the experience much more dynamic.

Astral’s disadvantage is that it does not have a license to use the Dungeons & Dragons system, relying only on other titles such as Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Pathfinder, Fantasy Age, etc.

5. Fabletop


Access Fabletop here

Fabletop is a much more humble online table RPG than those mentioned above. With a minimalist visual identity, the game does not have great options for images and accessories to use in the stories. The platform also does not have a license to use famous RPG systems, so it uses its own set of rules that is well explained on the official website, which ends up being the greatest “charm” of the game. In addition, we recommend Fabletop for novice players who want to learn what table RPG is.

6. Taulukko


Access Taulukko here

Taulukko is a Brazilian online table RPG that has almost no visual elements. All interaction takes place through the platform chat and players have access to only a few images to illustrate characters and monsters. Here you can fully edit your profile so you can create your own system or replicate one of the famous ones.

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