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How to make a book in Minecraft (3 ways)


Minecraft Books are easy to create, but the trick is finding the ingredients used to make them. When collecting them, it will be simple to maintain the farm itself to always have a constant source of paper and leather. Start reading the article to start planning the new library!

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Method 1

Minecraft versions for PC and consoles

Minecraft versions for PC and consoles

1 Collect sugar cane. Sugarcane is a green reed that grows close to bodies of water. Although it is difficult to find in some worlds, there is a good technique for finding them following the coast of the region. Break them with your hands or with a tool to obtain the item.

  • Sugarcane does not grow near frozen water. Look for it in hot biomes.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

2 Grow a farm with sugar cane (recommended). As cane can be difficult to find, save some to be planted before turning them all into the paper. Placing a sugar cane on the ground will cause it to be planted, growing under the following conditions:

  • It must be planted in the ground, in the sand, in the grass, or podzol.
  • There must be at least one water block adjacent to the land block on which it is planted.
  • Note: to harvest the sugar cane, wait for it to be very high and break the upper blocks. When you leave the block on the floor, it will continue to grow.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

3 Turn three reeds into the paper. Fill a row and turn them into the paper. On a workbench, place three sugar canes in a row, resulting in three leaves, which in turn are enough to create a book.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

4 Hunt the leather. It is not difficult to find cows, while horses appear on the plains or in the savannah. Each of them, when defeated, left up to two leather units.It is necessary to have a piece of leather for each book.

  • Leather can also be made with four rabbit skins or obtained through fishing (rare).
  • To obtain a constant source of leather, grow wheat, and use the stems to attract cows to the enclosure. Offer two cows more wheat to raise them whenever you are short of animals.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

5 Combine paper and leather to make a book. Place the leather in space and paper in three squares from any location on the craft menu. A book will be created.

Method 2

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

1 Check the game version. The following instructions will be valid for players with Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.12.1 or higher. If you use a previous edition, know the following aspects:

  • Prior to 0.12.1, books do not require leather but have no use in the game.
  • Inversions prior to 0.3.0, the books do not exist.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

2 Look for sugar cane. Sugarcane grows near bodies of water. It can be harvested by hand. After finding them, take some to plant at the base, allowing the player to have a constant source of paper. Sugarcane grows in sand or on land adjacent to water.

  • If you don’t have enough cane to make the amount of paper you want, you can make it grow faster with bone meal.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

3 Turn three sugar canes into the paper. Touch the workbench and select the “Paper” recipe from the “Decorations” menu. Three sugar canes will be transformed into three roles.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

4 Kill cows to get leather. Each cow can leave up to two pieces of leather. If you are playing version 0.11 or higher, you can find the material fishing, but it is much more rare and difficult.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

5 Combine paper and leather to get a book. The book is another item in the decoration section of the workbench menu.

Method 3

Using books to create other items

Using books to create other items

1 Combine books with boards to make bookcases. Combine six boards (fill the top and bottom row) with three books (in the center row) to get a bookcase. Many players create these blocks just to decorate the environment, but they can also improve the results of the enchantments.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

2 Create an enchantment bench. It is necessary to obtain four blocks of obsidian (fill the bottom row and place a piece in the middle square), two diamonds (left and right of the middle square), and a book (on the central obsidian). The enchantment bench allows the player to use the experience to give weapons, armor, and tools special abilities.

  • Create obsidian by diverting a stream of water to lava. You need a diamond pick to mine it.
How to Make a Book in Minecraft

3 Make the item “pen and book”. Place a book, pen and ink bag anywhere on the craft menu to obtain the item “pen and book”, which opens an interface where a long message can be inserted.

  • This recipe is not available on Pocket Edition and older console versions.
  • To get feathers, kill chickens. The ink bags are obtained with squid.


  • In fort chests, fort bookstores and villages, it is possible to find books from time to time.
  • There is a way to enchant a book to store an enchantment for later. Use an anvil to combine the book and another item, transferring the enchantment. It’s a great way to get a single item with lots of good spells.



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