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Learn how to install Minecraft mods and see where to download! (2022)


how to install Minecraft mods

Minecraft Mods are additional content generally created by the community to enhance games with new modes, tools, scenarios, etc. In Minecraft, mods are extremely popular since they fit like a glove in the style of the game, in addition to being very easy to install.

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1. Install Rift and/or Forge

The first step in installing mods in Minecraft is to install a Mod Loader, that is, a program that manages and executes the mods within the game. The most popular are, by far, the Rift it’s the Forge since most mods you find on the internet have these programs as requirements. You are not required to download both programs, but it is advisable for you to run all the mods you want and it costs nothing.

Downloading and installing the Rift

Visit the official Rift page and the following screen will appear:

Learn how to install Minecraft mods and see where to download! (2021)

You can see previous versions of the program as you browse the page, but the most recent will be first (as in the image above). You just need to click “Download“. Because it is a” .jar “file, your browser will probably warn you about the risks of downloading but don’t worry. This warning always appears when it comes to java files.

After downloading the Rift java file, right-click right button> Open with> Java. If the option is not available, just click on “Choose another application” and search for the program. There, the Rift will be installed immediately.

Downloading and installing Forge

With Forge the process is similar. Access the official program page to download it and the following screen will appear:

Learn how to install Minecraft mods and see where to download! (2021)

The tab on the left side of the screen provides previous versions of the program for you to choose from. We recommend that you download 1.12.2, as it is, until today, the most stable in the execution of mods. Choose the “Installer” option. The next screen will show some advertising. To start the download, just click on the red “Skip” button in the upper right corner of the screen.


As with the Rift, a risk warning will appear and you should ignore it. After downloading, right-click right button> Open with> Java. A small installer will be started and you just need to press OK to finish the process.

2. Downloading and installing mods on Minecraft

From here, the process for downloading, installing, and running mods is the same for both programs downloaded above. To find the mods, a simple search on Google is sufficient since there are countless sites focused on the subject. To facilitate, here is a list of some of the most famous:

Follow the instructions on the websites you choose to download the desired mods. All articles are .jar, then everyone will show a visa notice, but don’t worry.

After downloading the mods, you must assemble them in a folder called “mods” within the Minecraft directory. To make it easier, run the game, go to Startup Options> Create a new one and click on the green arrow in the “Game directory” option. When opening, create the folder “mods” and throw the downloaded files there.

Another way to access the folder is to type “% appdata%“(without quotes) in the Run field of the Start Menu and click on the” .minecraft “folder. Then, if the” mods “folder does not exist, just create it and drag the mods inside.

3. Running the mods


To run the downloaded mods, open the Minecraft Launcher and in the “installations” select” New installation “, as in the image above. On the next screen, choose any name and, in the” Version “tab, choose the version of the program you downloaded and save the settings:

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Finally, return to the Installations menu and, in the downloaded version field, click “Play offline” and done! Your Minecraft will run with the mods working:

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