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How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

Pokémon is not one of the rarest, but it has a special story within the original work

Pokémon GO , a free game available for Android and iOS ( iPhone ), has among its creatures the Pokémon Togepi, of the Fairy type. He is one of the little monsters that appeared in the so-called “second generation” of the game series and was also one of the first in this series to debut in the animated TV saga. Togepi is Pokémon number 174 and has two forms of evolution. It is present within this game and to evolve it is a very easy process – however, its capture is not possible, there is only one way to obtain it. Learn how to evolve Togepi and how to get one for your collection within Pokémon GO adventures.

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How to get a Togepi

Togepi is considered a baby Pokémon. It comes in an egg shape and this is already a tip on how to get it: only in eggs. This information changes constantly, but currently Togepi is found in 2 km eggs, hatched after walking this amount of distance, while incubated. See how to hatch and incubate eggs in Pokémon GO .

Two important pieces of information are worth noting. Togepi can be obtained in its Bright variation, that is, with colors different from the standard. In addition, their evolution, Togetic and Togekiss, can be captured on the map normally, even though they are very rare and random appearances.

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

How to evolve Togepi

Togepi evolves normally through sweets. The more Togepi you hatch within the game, the more candy you will have to achieve your evolutions. To get the Togetic form, it is necessary to have 25 candies. To evolve into the final form, Togekiss, it takes 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone – this is an item obtained in a few different ways within the game. Check out how to get the Stone of Sinnoh .

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

Togetic and Togekiss also gain the Flying type, in addition to Fairy, an ability that Togepi does not possess. Their attacks can also change with evolution, but the possibilities are varied.

To evolve, follow the steps:

Step 1. Select Togepi from your list and tap Evolve;

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

Step 2. Confirm the evolution by clicking Yes;

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO

Step 3. When evolving to Togetic, repeat Step 1, as long as you have the requested requirements;

How to evolve Togepi in Pokémon GO



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