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GTA 5 has in its online mode, one of the greatest assets of the franchise. The countless possibilities of activities and interactions with players from all over the world, make this the great success of the game. It is possible to take several paths to become rich and powerful, that is, increase your reputation in Los Santos and level up. Check out tips on how to play GTA 5 online.

How to start playing GTA 5 online

It is important to achieve some basic things so that your start of life is less “turbulent”. Sure, we’re talking about GTA, nothing here will be peace and quiet, but with a few tips, you can get the bare minimum to get started, without much difficulty

Complete the game’s initial tutorial and start playing online with everything it has to offer.

Tutorial GTA 5 Online
Tutorial GTA 5 Online

Get a good weapon

After the tutorial, you get a pistol to start your illicit life in the game. But, it will not be enough to defend you from other armed players to the teeth, and mainly, to help you in the missions that you will need to carry out to earn money.

A good way to effortlessly get a weapon is to create your Rockstar Social Club account. When the account is created, you get a shotgun, which can be withdrawn at one of the weapons and ammunition stores scattered around Los Santos.

Get a car

Los Santos is a big city and anything you need to do, you will have to move around the map. Remember: in GTA, time is money. With a car, you optimize the time it will take to go to certain places to do missions and you will still have a better chance of escaping or defending yourself from situations of conflict with other players or the police

Again, creating and linking your game account at Rockstar Social Club helps you in this matter. When linking the accounts, you will also win a car, the Elegy RH8. It already comes with insurance, to prevent you from loss in accidents or damage, and it is a good vehicle to start.

Tutorial GTA 5 Online
Tutorial GTA 5 Online

Start making money

With a good gun and a car, you are ready to start pursuing what moves the world of Los Santos: money. In GTA 5, you must think of money as an investment. The little money you will earn in the beginning must be invested in properties that will make more money, in increasing amounts.

Here are some ways to make money when playing GTA 5 online:

Stealing cars

Some cars driving around Los Santos can be stolen and sold. The task is simple: find a car in good condition, steal it and go to a nearby garage to sell it. Do not forget to drive carefully, as the more damage the car has, the less it will be worth. Check out good models to be stolen and sold at a good price:

  • Felon GT
  • Lampadati Felon
  • Ubermatch Oracle
  • Ocelot F620
Tutorial GTA 5 Online
Tutorial GTA 5 Online

Robbing stores

The existing convenience stores in Los Santos can also be the result of thefts. Just go to one of them, go in and point the gun at the seller and wait for him to give you the cashier’s money. Be prepared to leave the store and get in your car to escape, as the police will be called. And don’t forget to wear a mask. This will make recognition difficult and you may steal the same establishment again and again.

Doing missions

Doing missions with friends or strangers online is a good way to earn money. Missions are Rockstar services made with two or more people who can generate a good income. It requires a certain level of skill in the game, but nothing too worrisome. With some missions carried out, which last a few minutes, you will already be mastering the art of shooting, running, and dodging.

Investing in properties

After getting a good amount of money, you can start investing in properties that will be used for services that will generate more income. Through your character’s cell phone, when selecting the services Dynasty and Maze Bank Foreclosures, you will find some properties for business:

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  • Motoclube: Important to start the schemes of sales of illegal products, which generate good profits. Through the motorcycle club, you can have schemes for selling drugs, money, and fake documents.
  • Office: The office enables you to become head of an organization and perform various services, such as exporting vehicles and selling swag, for example.
  • Apartment: The apartment, although not essential, is necessary for you to start the Heists, which are more elaborate scams and that yield large amounts of money.
Tutorial GTA 5 Online
Tutorial GTA 5 Online

By following these tips, you will increase your reputation through RP (reputation points), which advance levels and unlock weapons, services, and missions, in addition to gradually increasing your ability to make money and grow in the game.


Throughout the tutorial, you will receive a large number of notifications in the upper left corner of the screen, which contain information of all kinds, such as tips and warnings. Because it can be awkward to read all the notifications while exploring the game for the first time, we’ve compiled each one below for you to review:

  1. If you are a good loser you will receive rewards periodically.
  2. You will earn 20% more RP if you do collaborative activities. Complete an activity with a member of your crew and you will earn an additional 10%.
  3. You can use your phone to call other players in GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V.
  4. You can join a crew at Choose your crew from the pause menu.
  5. Non-player enemies are indicated in red on the radar.
  6. Vehicle fire control can be adjusted in the Settings menu. The point and shoot option allow you to point and shoot independently.
  7. Stores already available and marked on the map.
  8. Barber Shop
  9. Clothing
  10. Tattoos
  11. More expensive
  12. To see the location of the store’s press [Down] twice to zoom in on the radar or check the map in the pause menu.
  13. You can change the lenses, hats, and masks you have in the Interaction Menu. Keep [Select] pressed to activate the menu and select “Inventory”.
  14. Play your animated Action by pressing or holding [L3] and [R3]. Changes the animation selected in the Interaction menu or Pause menu options.
  15. Hold [Up] and press [X] to quickly accept an invitation.
  16. Contacts and players will invite you to activities over the phone.
  17. Stores that can be raided appear as [Store Icon].
  18. Threaten the manager with a gun to steal money from the cash register.
  19. Your search level depends on the number of stars displayed on the screen. One star or more, and the police will be on alert.
  20. You can share money from your last activity using the Inventory Money section in the Interaction Menu. Keep [Select] pressed to display the menu.
  21. You can buy snacks in stores located around Los Santos, use them to regain your health. They are stored in your inventory in the interaction menu, which you can access by holding down [Select]. You can also collect snacks from dead enemies to instantly regain health.
  22. Steal a vehicle and use it. You will have the vehicle in the next online sessions as soon as you have installed a locator in Los Santos Customs.
  23. Los Santos Customs appears as [Spray Icon].
  24. Use the Interaction menu to assign a quick GPS to a location. Keep [Select] to display the Interaction menu.
  25. If the police discover you in a stolen vehicle, you will get a search level.
  26. The other players appear on the radar as [White Dot]. If they are friends of yours, they will have a blue outline. If they are in your Crew, the outline will be the Crew’s color. You can go to the map from the pause menu and see the location of other players.
  27. Install a locator in your vehicle and an indicator will be added to the map as soon as you get out of your vehicle.
  28. You can buy vehicle insurance. If the insured vehicle is destroyed, you can make a claim for a new vehicle.
  29. You can download the iFruit application on your smartphone or tablet to modify your vehicle when you are not connected and create personalized plates. Visit for details.
  30. Get a locator and insurance. You can find them in “Loss / Theft Prevention”. They are free for the first visit.
  31. Now that you have purchased insurance for your vehicle, you can call Mors Mutual Insurance to claim the insurance if your vehicle is lost or stolen.
  32. You can use your custom vehicles in races. The more the best, the more chances of winning you have
  33. To challenge a player to an impromptu race, use the Interaction menu.
  34. Try using an impromptu race in the Interaction menu to challenge a player to get to Cypress Flats first.
  35. Your personal vehicle is indicated on the radar by [Vehicle Icon].
  36. You are now on your own to start or join an activity. You can do this in several ways: go to the blue triggers, select “GTA ONLINE – Activity” from the pause menu, select “Quick Activity” on your phone, or press [Square] while highlighting activity on the map from the pause menu.
  37. When you enter a trigger, you can choose to join an activity or host an activity. With the first option, you will look for an activity of the same type to join, and with the second you will create a new activity for other players to join.
  38. The game lists are lists of activities that are activated in order, in which the player with the most points wins after all of them have been played. Launch a list of games in the GTA Online menu.


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