GTA San Andreas: mods to have real cars in the game

GTA San Andreas: mods to have real cars in the game

GTA San Andreas cars are cool, but eventually, you get tired of them and want others. We thought about it and brought you x new machines for you to add to your game. Each represents a different brand of real cars. So if you always wanted CJ to drive a BMW, this is your opportunity.

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The cure

Acura cars GTA San Andreas


The Acura is the simplest car on the list. We chose it because maybe you just want a different cart, but not a track machine. It has several color versions, which you can choose when you have the mod installed.

Alfa Romeo

GTA San Andreas cars alfa romeo


This one is already more frantic! Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand known for sports and passenger cars. The model we brought, the Zagato, is super fast, in addition to having a design very similar to a Ferrari.


GTA SAN Andreas ascari cars


The Ascari KZ1-R Limited Edition we chose for you is to leave everyone eating dust in Los Santos. Another Italian whose main brand is really high speed. Visually it is very beautiful, reminiscent of a Porsche model.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin V8 GTA SA


The Aston Martin V8, the one in the photo, is a dream for many Brazilians. If you can’t have it in real life, at least let CJ drive you through all the districts of San Andreas.


Audi cars GTA San Andreas


From Audi we chose the R8 GT, a very “cheap” model outside of video games, but that can be entirely yours in SA at no cost. The car simply flies at the slightest touch of the accelerate button.


Bentley GTA San Andreas cars


Bentley is a blend of elegance and high power. Anyone who likes a sporty style with a more sedan footprint will love this model. Continental Supersports is perfect for speed lovers who don’t give up on urban style at the same time.




BMW M3 GT-R is a classic in video games since Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted. In GTA San Andreas this machine is even better, without a brake and ready to take your CJ to every corner of the map. And what’s better: with style!


Bugatti GTA SA Cars


The Bugatti Veyron was once among the fastest cars in the world. More than 200 kilometers per hour is not even for any car. Now you can have the chance to step on your accelerator without worrying about hitting this beautiful thing and ruining it. You can always have another one.


Cadillac Cars GTA SA


Cadillac Escalade is one of the most “popular” models of this famous automaker. It is ideal for those who embrace CJ’s “PIMP” style, lavishing and sporting the 100’s plaques.


GTA SA Chevrolet Cars


The yellow Camaro became famous after the first Transformers trilogy. In addition to receiving a sticky song in Brazil. But apart from these two unimportant details, the car is handsome, has good power and stands out in San Andreas like no other!


Chrysler GTA SA


The Chrysler 300c is not so much for running around. It is not even worth using it to escape the police. It is really a passenger vehicle, so it is not worth scratching this beauty to make your “runs” around. Go slow and take the wave!


GTA SA dodge cars


Is the Dodge Viper a beauty? This double track in the middle of the powerful is iconic, and everyone who played games how Gran Turismo has had the opportunity to control that car once in a lifetime. Now we are giving you one more chance to do this. Enjoy!


Ferrari GTA SA cars


There is no need for introductions here. We chose the model LaFerrari F70 because it is beautiful, red and it is too amazing. Enjoy!


Hummer GTA SA cars


Hummer H6 is almost a battle tank, so big and resistant. Great for those who want to face rival gangs and do not want to suffer much from the shootings.


Jaguar gta sa cars


The Jaguar XKR-S is ideal for escaping the police. The beast goes at 100 an hour quickly, making your enemies eat dust whenever they try to reach you.


Jeep GTA sa cars


We go to a different vehicle. No Renegade: the deal is a Jeep CJ7. CJ is not in honor of Carl Johnson, but our protagonist until he is well directing this off road.


Lamborghini GTA SA cars


Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most perfect works in the car industry. And the color doesn’t matter: it’s always elegant and eye-catching! As for speed, we don’t even have to say anything. Go, try and be happy.

Land Rover

Land Rover GTA SA cars


Range Rover is another car that every BR would give a life to own. The monster is giant, elegant and makes a good impression on friends and enemies alike.


GTA SA lotus cars


Another cart to make a joke. This 1967 Lotus F1 is a racing classic and is certainly cool to drive in the middle of the urban landscape of Los Santos or San Fierro.


McLaren gta sa cars


This McLaren by Ayrton Senna is in the memory of everyone who followed the short career of the Brazilian driver. This car flies which is beautiful, so you can sit your finger or your foot on the gas if you want a crazy experience.


GTA SA Maserati cars


Maserati Gran Turismo is perfect for those with good taste. His sporting style is sure to win over CJ’s girlfriends and will bring him several insane jumps over buildings.


Mercedes-Benz gta sa cars


A classic McLaren SLR Mercedão so as not to lose the taste for what is more “old”, but still good for the expense.


GTA SA mitsubishi cars


He spoke of Mitsubishi and soon we remember Fast and Furious, the late Paul Walker and the frantic cracks in the films. And it all goes perfectly with GTA San Andreas.


Pagani GTA SA cars


Like Bugatti, the Pagani Zonda was once among the fastest cars in the world. Who wants to just walk around at high speed, great. That’s what you need.


Porsche GTA SA cars


Porsche 918, half Ferrari, beautiful, beautiful and lightning fast. Elegance and speed on the same four wheels for those addicted to crossing limits behind the wheel.


GTA SA tesla cars


Tesla is that controversy only in every way. But let’s not deny that it is a beautiful car. Electric, clean and visually pretty. Another ideal for walking, but not for taking shots …


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