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How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money


GTA 5 brings several activities for those who want to get headlong in Los Santos. One of these, which may seem a little complicated, is to invest in the stock market. With that, it is possible to buy shares of companies of the game, like “LifeInvader”. In this tutorial, Gamingbell shows you step by step how to invest in GTA V, how to manipulate stocks, and get rich in the process.

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There is two stock market in GTA 5. The first, called “LCN”, is affected by events that happen in-game missions, with predetermined fluctuations and that can be exploited. The second, called “BAWSAQ”, is based on common actions that take place across the city. In it, you can manipulate and earn a lot of money just by creating chaos for society.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

Accessing the stock market

Step 1. With any of your characters, on the smartphone, select the option “Internet”. Then select “Money and Services”;

Step 2. Within the “Money and Services” page, you will find links to real estate and the “LCN” and “BAWSAQ” stock market. Just access the one you prefer.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

Multiplying your money on missions

During the GTA 5 campaign, the player finds missions given by Lester, the head behind the game’s big blows, to eliminate entrepreneurs or key figures from large companies. By doing this, you affect the market, being able to profit even more from your actions.

To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Complete the campaign missions as normal, passing through which you must eliminate the president of “LifeInvader”. Do not try to manipulate the actions, as this does not work here. However, the next assassination mission, given by Lester, is when you will start making money.

The “The Hotel Assassination” mission brings changes to the shares of two pharmaceutical companies called “Bilkington” and “Betta Pharmaceuticals”. Before you start, save your game and spend all your money buying shares of “Betta Pharmaceuticals”. They can be found on the “BAWSAQ” stock market, with the name “[BET]”. Do this with the three characters.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

Complete the mission as normal, then put the character to sleep, causing time to advance. Check the stock market and share price of “Betta Pharmaceuticals” every 12 hours. It should reach its peak with 80% profit over the amount invested in the shares. When you reach that level, sell all your shares and earn high;

Step 2. After doing this first assassination mission, they will become secondary, allowing you to complete the entire main story. This is the best method to become a billionaire;

Step 3. With all the main missions already completed, your characters should have approximately $ 40 million each. Now, it’s time to get back to the murder missions given by Lester.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

The first, called “The Multi Target Assassination”, asks you to make buy and sell transactions on the stock market before and after completing the mission. Before starting the mission, buy shares in the company “Debonaire”. They can be found on the “LCN” bag as “[DEB] Debonaire “.

After completing the mission, sell the shares of “Debonaire” and buy shares of the company “Redwood”, also found in “LCN”, with the name “[RWC] Redwood “. Wait a few days, until the shares reach their highest value, and sell everything.

“Debonaire” shares peak at 80% profit, while “Redwood” shares reach up to 300%;

Step 4. In the mission “The Vice Assassination”, invest in the company “Fruit” (found in “BAWSAQ” as “[FRT] Fruit “) before you start, selling everything when you complete it.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

After the end of the mission, observe the growth of the shares of Facade ([FAC] Facade at BAWSAQ). When they start to rise, invest your money. It should reach its peak at 30%, while those at “Fruit” reach 50%;

Step 5. In the “The Bus Assassination” mission, buy shares in the company “Vapid”, found on “BAWSAQ” as “[VAP] Vapid “, before starting. After finishing, wait a few days, always checking the market updates, which happens after 8 am inside the game, and sell the shares;

Step 6. The last mission, called “The Construction Assassination”, causes you to buy shares in the company “GoldCoast”, found as “[GCD] GoldCoast “in the” LCN “market. Do this before the mission and, after finishing it, wait until they reach their peak value, which is close to 80%, and then sell everything.

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

Earning money through chaos

Another way to raise money through the stock market is to take some free shares within Los Santos. Here, the process is relatively simpler.

The world of GTA 5 features several companies with rivalries, ready to profit when others are under attack. Therefore, follow the steps below:

How to invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and earn a lot of money

Step 1. Choose a company with shares on the BAWSAQ stock market. Then check your rivals, according to the list below:

CoolBeans / BeanMachine
Burgershot / Up-An-Atom
Clucking Bell / TacoBomb
FlyUS / AirEmu
GoPostal / PostOP
Bilkington / DollarPills
Pisswasser / Logger
MazeBank / BankOfLiberty
Redwood / Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter / Bullhead
RadioLosSantos / WorldwideFM
eCola / Raine

Step 2. With that in mind, attack everything related to that brand. Did you choose a car type? Destroy everyone you come across, but only those of that brand. Observe the stock market and note that the shares of that company will start to fall. When they are low enough, buy a good amount of stocks;

Step 3. Now that you have several shares in that company, it’s time to turn your attention to rivals. Destroy all the vehicles of the other companies, saving only those of the company you own shares in.

Observe the fluctuation in the stock and sale values ​​when they have a satisfactory price. You can calmly repeat this and considerably increase your fortune in the game.



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