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Fighting Pokémon: advantages, weaknesses and the best in Pokémon GO!


Fighting Pokémon is one of the most versatile of Pokémon GO as it can be used against many other types to cause super-effective damage. Check out a complete guide of these pokémon below and learn which ones to use in raids and in each Battle League in the game!

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Advantages and weaknesses

  • Fighting Pokémon (which use with Fighter-type attacks) deal super-effective damage to types Normal, Stone, Steel, Ice and Dingy.
  • Fighting Pokémon take super-effective damage from attacks by Flying, Psychic and Fairy.

Curiosity: Fighter and Terra are the types of pokémon that have more advantages over others (5 advantages).

Best Raid Fighters Pokémon

When it comes to raids, the best pokémon are those that do the most damage possible in a short time. The list below shows the 10 best options for you to use against any raid boss who is weak against the Fighter type. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that, due to the high number of advantages that the Fighters have (5), the pokémon below are great investment options for Rare Candy and Stardust, since they can be used against many different bosses.

Best Fighting Pokémon for Battle League

Unlike raids, for a Pokémon to be considered good for the Pokémon GO PVP, it is necessary to analyze its own attributes, maximum CP (to decide which League they will enter) and, above all, the charged attacks available to be learned.

Keep in mind that, unlike raids, where Fighting Pokémon are great options, they don’t have much relevance in any of the Battle Leagues, functioning only as counters for specific Pokémon.

Great League


PokémonAgile attackLoaded attacks

CounterattackLeaf Blade
Night Slash

CounterattackDirty game
Empowering Punch

Mud ShotIce Punch
Empowering Punch

Master League

PokémonAgile attackLoaded attacks

CounterattackCross Shot
Stone Slide

CounterattackDynamic Punch
Stone Edge

Shadow Ball

Shadow Machamp
CounterattackCross Shot
Stone Slide

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