Fall Guys: 10 tips for doing well in minigames!


Fall Guys may be cute, but it is one of the most difficult games to master. In order for you to always reach the final round and be the champion, we bring you 10 must-see tips to improve your game with small short-legged jelly beans.

1. Calculate the timing of the jump

Calculate the timing of the jump
Calculate the timing of the jump

In Fall Guys you don’t have a lot of action options. It’s jumping, throwing or grabbing. And jumping is what you’re going to do most in all the games available. The trick is that the jelly beans are small, with short, fat legs, so they don’t jump very high. So it is important to calculate the timing of the jump!

Try to take a calm look at the scenarios and what you need to do to move forward. Sometimes it is more worthwhile to “waste time” until you find the right moment than to jump from base to base anyway to try to qualify. Be patient!

2. Shoot to get ahead

You can throw yourself or throw yourself forward with your Fall Guy. Believe it or not, this can be VERY useful in some stages. In those where you must destroy doors, if you play headfirst against them after running, it is the best way to break them, for example.

Or let’s say you’re close to the finish and want that one boost final to be one of the classifieds … If you shoot headlong into the finish line it could be what separates you from being a winner!

3. Don’t waste time sabotaging others

You have the option of pulling another player back if you want, but believe me: it’s not really worth it. To effectively delay another player, you will end up being late too, which ends up being unproductive. So don’t even try this during games. Remember that most of the time the other players sabotage themselves.

4. Work as a team when needed

Fall guys team
Fall guys team

Some games are requiring you to work as a team. Yes, even your companions are your enemies in general, but calm down! You will need them to move on to the final game. As much as you want to play for yourself, you can end up hurting yourself if you don’t know how to create a team with other players.

5. Wait your turn

Fall Guys is a solitaire game. So when you start a minigame, wait. Let the people go with everything and clear the way. Many of them will have a bad time in the first obstacle, which will facilitate the progress of their part.

The biggest mistake of most players is to think they will qualify on the first try. Do not go. You will fall into the abyss several times or be crushed by the people before you have a chance to qualify. The secret is to take it easy, since many will actually fall around you and clear the way.

6. Use the scenarios to advance

There are some scenarios that come with objects that help you propel yourself forward. The case of those spinners, who can either throw it into the abyss or throw it forward. It is all a matter of calculation, of knowing how to wait for the right moment.

7. Look for alternative paths

Have you noticed that sometimes you fall off the stage, but there’s another space underneath? These are alternative paths. In some cases they can be better than the main paths, because, even if they take longer, they are less complicated to travel. The tip is to use your head and look for the easy way, even if it takes a little longer.

8. Understand the trick of each minigame

fall guys minigames
fall guys minigames

Each minigame has its tricks and requires a unique grip. Finding this out will make your life easier and a lot! So use the first times you play as a field of study. Analyze the stages, see how to use the scenario in favor, if it is better to go with the herd or if you should expect everyone to go wrong.

9. Qualify above all

The position you rank in can give you more points at the end of the minigame. But let’s face it: what matters is to qualify, right? When you get to the last stage, you have to worry about getting there first. For the rest, do your best to cross the finish line and don’t worry about being the winner of the round.

10. Create a strategy for the final stages

For now we only have 4 different final stages. All three require you to adopt a different strategy. We give you the tips:

  • Fall Mountain: run as much as you can and don’t care about others. In the end, don’t forget to grab the Crown!
  • Hex-A-Gone: you must make your way on tiles that disappear. Wait for the others to go ahead to find the way!
  • Jump Showdown: don’t get hit by lasers or fall on the sinking parts of the floor. The tip here is to be quick and not stay in the same place too long!
  • Royal Fumble: if it started with the tail, jump between the balls to make the opponents hit. If you don’t have a tail, try to push the player you have towards the balls!

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