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The 16 best game Discord bots!

The 15 best game Discord bots!

One of the best ways to upgrade your server on Discord dots is, without a doubt, installing games on it. So we’ve put together a list of 15 perfect bots below to help you spend time in a fun way, be it more hardcore or more casual. Check out!

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1 Discord Dungeons

The 15 best game Discord bots!

Install Discord Dungeons here

Discord Dungeons is considered the best RPG bot for Discord. With it you can do everything that is expected of a game of the genre, including doing missions, joining guilds, fighting bosses together with friends, crafting items, buying or selling equipment, etc. etc. The bot also receives constant content updates.

2 UnoBot


There’s nothing to talk about, UnoBot is the best option to play the classic card game Uno on Discord. Simple and straightforward, the games are played with simple commands and, in addition to the classic rules of the game, you can customize others and maintain a general server score table.

Install UnoBot here

3 Dank Memer

Dank Memer

One of Discord’s most famous bots, Dank Memer not only serves to share memes, but also has several minigames like Tic Tac Toe, guessing game, questions and answers and many more “silly” but very fun. The bot also has its own savings system on which you can bet and even steal other members of the server.

Install Dark Memer here

4 Undertale RPG

Undertale RPG

Undertale RPG is an unofficial version (created by fans) of the famous RPG Undertale. Here you fall into the underworld and need to make your way through the decisions made. One of the biggest premises of the game is that “nobody needs to die”, but that depends entirely on you. The bot is in constant development and, so far, it only takes up to a certain part of the story.

Install Undertale RPG here


Discord’s most famous Pokémon bot returned after being down for a while. For those who don’t know, Pokecord offers the most complete experience related to the Pokémon universe. Here you can capture, trade, fight, teach attacks, buy items, duel against other coaches, participate in tournaments and more! A mandatory bot for any fan of the famous franchise.

Install Mudae here

6 IdleRPG


IdleRPG is another very famous and fun Discord bot. With several dungeons, classes, items, stores to buy and sell, PvP system (player vs player), bets, raids and etc., the game leaves nothing to be desired for RPG fans. In addition to the classic elements of adventure, here you can also get married and maintain a more “normal” life, which ends up giving the game a community aspect.

Install IdleRPG here

7 Discord Miner

Discord Miner

Discord Miner is totally inspired by Minecraft. You start the game with just a wooden pick and need to collect items and materials to start crafting items. Over time you will pass the level and unlock new items to create, obtain more valuable materials and climb the server’s overall score.

Install Discord Miner here

8 Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy

Like Dank Memer, Rock Puppy is a broader, more feature-rich bot. Among them, you can find several simple and fun games like Tic Tac Toe, Truth or Dare, Dice, Questions and Answers, Russian Roulette, Tarot Reading, etc.

Install Rock Puppy here

9 BoxBot


Boxbot offers a simple game in which you receive drops of boxes containing items of different levels of rarity: Common, Unusual, Epic, Rare and Ultra-rare. The items consist of the most varied, from bladed weapons and firearms to magnets, money bags, bombs and treasure chests. You can sell them or equip them to duel against other members of the server.

Install BoxBot here

10 Daisuki


Daisuki is a bot for fans of collecting cards. With it you can get cards of characters from the most varied animes, movies, television programs and even books. Altogether there are more than 25,000 (!!!) cards to collect.

Install Daisuki here

11 TacoShack


TacoShack is a club selling simulator. That’s right. Here you need to manage your business using simple Discord commands, and you will need to hire employees, maintain tent hygiene, buy upgrades to increase profits, collect tips and much more.

Install TacoShack here

12 Gamblingbot


Gamblingbot is for fans of a gamble. Here you can participate in various card games, dice, roulette, minefield, etc., always with a strong focus on the game’s virtual currency bet.

Install Gamblingbot here

13 Coin Master

coin master

Coin Master is an extremely simple game that increases the fun on your server in a very unpretentious way. With it, each message you send gives you coins that you can use to buy items and upgrades that, in turn, increase coin earnings in different ways. To avoid spamming messages, the bot has a “cooldown” that you need to wait to earn the next amount of coins.

Install Coin Master here

14 Mudae


Mudae is a bot for those who joined the wave of waifus and husbands. Here you have about 46,000 characters to collect, be it anime, manga, video games, comic books, etc. The bot also has several multiplayer minigames that are accessed through the more than 100 commands available. Among them is the “waifu arena”, in which you can use your collected characters in fights against other players.

Install Mudae here



EPIG RPG is one of Discord’s most popular game bots. The program adds an RPG game to its server, with its own economy, many dungeons, weapons, items, PVP system and even ranks. Of course, the bot has a level system that allows players to unlock more content as they upgrade.

Install EPIC RPG here

16 BlackJack

Finally, another collection of card games, but with a more casual focus. Here you will find games like Blackjack (of course), dice, lottery, slot machine, etc.

Install BlackJack here



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