The 10 best RPG games for PC! (2020)


Anyone who is a fan of RPG knows how good it is to explore open worlds, customize characters and enjoy the plots rich in details. With so many great titles on the market, it is difficult to select just a few, but below we have compiled a list of the 10 best RPG games for PC. We try to leave the list as varied as possible in terms of thematic, but without leaving aside the big names. Enjoy!

1. World of Warcraft

Best RPG games for PC

Even today, no PC RPG has offered what World of Warcraft offers. The game set a new standard in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre and brought together a legion of fans around the world.

Despite having fallen quite in popularity over the years and having outdated 3D graphics compared to new titles, the game was famous for sucking the soul of its players with its unmatched content. It is impossible to be bored playing WoW with its INFINITE quests, dungeons, raids, achievements, different PvP (player vs player) modes, professions, events, EVERYTHING. Do you want to kill a gigantic monster? Here it is. Do you want to sit by the lake and fish without obligation? Here too.

World of Warcraft is so good that it received a new version called “Classic”, in which, instead of adding new features to the game, it returned to its original version with much less content, exclusively for nostalgia. A luxury that few games can afford. Undoubtedly the greatest online RPG of all time.

2. The Witcher 3

Best RPG games for PC

Another game that, at this point in the championship, needs no introduction. The Witcher 3 is the third title in a series inspired by a series of books and received its own series on Netflix. The story revolves around Geralt, a genetically modified and over-trained wizard to deal with monsters.

The game is an open-world action RPG bigger than Skyrim or GTA V, which in itself is an admirable highlight. The full gameplay is estimated to take about 200 hours if you decide to do all major and minor missions.

One of the great differentials of The Witcher 3 is the artificial intelligence of the characters and the dynamic time system in which day and night pass in a very realistic way. In addition, the game has a card “subsoil” so good that it became a separate game of its own: Gwent.

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best RPG games for PC

Another very famous game. Skyrim, which like The Witcher 3 also received several awards at the time of its release, is one of the best offline RPGs out there. With a huge open world, it is estimated that the game’s full gameplay time is 300 hours. However, the possibility of installing mods with new campaigns makes that number much higher.

Still regarding the content, Skyrim presents several locations with their own characteristics such as economy, traditions, languages ​​and etc. Furthermore, in addition to the main battle skills, here you can learn countless others such as cooking, forging, opening locks, etc.

All of them can unlock new side missions that make the game even bigger.

4. Elysium disk

Best RPG games for PC

Disco Elysium is an RPG totally different from all the others on this list. The game was the big winner of The Game Awards in 2019, winning in the categories of Best Narrative, Best Independent Game, Best RPG Game and Best Independent Debut while competing with several big names.

Disco Elysium is an extremely engaging open-world RPG that mixes drama and comedy in a genius way. The game looks like an interactive book that you just can’t stop reading. Both the dialogues and the characters are incredibly captivating and take you deep into the story.

The game also innovates in many ways. For example, ps combats are not the focus of the game and happen in the form of dialogue trees in which the player only needs to choose what actions to take. In fact, everything revolves around our choices, however small. At certain times, we can even choose to ignore a thought or not.

Your character’s traits also have very interesting consequences. For example, if he is very dramatic, he can easily lie, but he can also become paranoid.

5. Dark Souls III

Best RPG games for PC

Another game that could not be missing from that list. Dark Souls III is among the top action RPGs of all time. With eye-popping visual effects and electrifying combat, Dark Souls offers a different experience from other games of the genre in terms of difficulty. Your bosses are real challenges that take time even from experienced players.

The game takes place in a medieval mythological universe in which the player’s goal is to prevent the arrival of the Dark Ages. During the mission the player will have to face all types of undead, from the easiest to the most elaborate, from the smallest to the absurdly large. To help, the player has access to an arsenal of items, equipment and spells, like any respectable RPG.

6. Diablo III

Best RPG games for PC

The third title of one of the most popular RPG series, Diablo 3 has a narrative worthy of a game from Blizzard, the same developer of World of Warcraft. The game has a very engaging solo campaign, with impeccable dubbing, ambience and soundtrack.

In addition to the solo campaign, the cooperative mode offers an even more fun experience. Being able to face monsters with friends while coordinating attacks and strategies is one of the best ways to play Diablo 3.

7. Path of Exile

Best RPG games for PC

Path of Exile is an RPG that follows exactly the same style as Diablo. In fact, the games are so similar that many players consider Path of Exile to be an “improved Diablo 3”.

In addition to the theme and similar gameplay, Path of Exile has exactly the camera perspective of Diablo 3. However, PoE is known to be much more challenging and has a gigantic skill tree that allows you to create countless builds for your characters. Furthermore, the game is completely free!

8. Fallout 4

Best RPG games for PC

One of the few RPGs on that list that doesn’t have a medieval theme. Fallout 4 also takes place in a huge open world, but this time the scenario is a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war.

Fallout 4 was a highly awarded and critically praised game. Among the highlights are the amount of content, the soundtrack, the player’s level of freedom and the depth of the open world. If you are an RPG fan and want to experiment and want to combine the genre with futuristic elements, Fallout 4 is your game.

9. Stardew Valley

Best RPG games for PC

Stardew Valley deserves a place on that list. Really. The game is an RPG / farming simulator with minimalist graphics, perfect for a weak PC. At first glance the game may seem simple, but the truth is that it has extremely large content and, above all, captivating.

The story of Stardew Valley is quite simple: you need to take care of the farm you inherited from your grandfather, and your journey starts with just a few tools and a few coins. Throughout the game, you find yourself in several simple everyday situations that really arouse the “simulator” side of the game. Over time, you get to know your neighbors better, create bonds and strengthen relationships.

In addition to classic elements like farming materials, managing resources and buildings, in Stardew Valley you really need to pay attention to the dialogues to learn how to deal with each NPC. Another great advantage of the game is the huge library of mods available for download, making it possible to customize the game in countless ways.

10. Undertale

Best RPG games for PC

Undoubtedly the most curious game on that list. With graphics worthy of Atari, Undertale is more of an interactive story than a game and also very suitable for those with a weak PC. Here, you take command of a human in a prison for monsters located in an underworld. Your goal is to make your way back while making decisions that will affect the story in very curious ways.

One of the most interesting things about Undertale is how it interacts with the player, not the character. An extremely interesting mechanic that demonstrates this is the fact that the game memorizes your choices even if you leave without saving the game, that is, nothing is forgotten, and the game will make you deal with the consequences of your decisions.


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