Among Us: strategies for imposters and crew


Among Us is a game that can only be won with intelligence. If you play anyway and count on luck, you will lose! That is why we have separated strategies for you to play as a crew member and as an imposter. See below everything you need to do to be the best player in this detective game!

Strategies to be a successful impostor

Your mission is to send the crew members out of the ship. Doing this may seem simple, but it is not, since you will be alone against the other players. So you must be smart and have 3 very efficient attitudes to escape from being discovered and still eliminate everyone from the game.

1. Mix with the crew

Mix with the crew
Mix with the crew

Walking alone if you are an imposter is not smart. The ideal is to mix with the crew and pretend that you are carrying out the tasks that they must perform. Go to the engine room, but only if you are accompanied. Approach the computers and try to walk in a group. One hour you will have the opportunity to pick someone up alone.

2. Join the discussions

Who is silent, consents, right? So don’t be quiet when they find a body and start arguing about who is responsible. On the other hand, don’t try to blame anyone. Probably the person has an alibi, having someone who can defend him.

What to do, then? Make questions. Question who was in that area. Try to take the focus off yourself. Finally, always vote for who is the most suspicious, if you are not the one who is accusing.

3. Close the doors and sabotage everything you can

Beginning players don’t know, but you can close the doors before killing someone. This is essential, as it gives you time to commit your terrible acts without being seen, whether it’s sabotage or eliminating a player. Turning off the lights is also useful, especially if there are few crew members left to murder.

And, of course, sabotage everything you can to sabotage. This will force the crew to walk like stupid cockroaches to repair what you’ve damaged. It is an opportunity to meet someone unawares along the way.

4. Don’t be seen

Even though it is obvious, not every imposter does that. And you have many ways to be almost invisible in Among Us. The first and the most obvious is to use the ventilation system, however not very often. If you are caught entering this hiding place, you can be sure that you will be reported.

Another point is to check if someone is using the cameras. All rooms have cameras, and if someone is using one of them to monitor movement, they may see you committing a crime. You can easily tell if someone is using the camera: it is enough that a crew member is glowing, with a red color.

5. Let the novice crew survive

Among Us is a solitaire game. And that includes analyzing your opponents, especially if they are crew members. You can detect who is starting to play and who is already smarter. The smart ones you eliminate first, as fast as you can. Leave the newbies for the end it is ideal, because then they will be more stressed and will easily become prey.

Strategies to be a good crew member

It is usually easier to play as a crew member, as you are not alone. However, don’t be fooled, as the imposter and even a crewmate can eject you from the ship. Below are some important tips to be the perfect crew member.

1. Never walk alone

among us crew
among us crew

The basics of the basics. Do not walk alone for two reasons: you can be killed or someone can report you simply because you think you are the imposter. So the best way to protect yourself is to walk in a group!

2. Stay away from the ventilation system

The ventilation system is great for imposters and just for that player. Crew members cannot enter this system, so there is no point in being close to them. You can end up being mistaken for the villain by inadvertently standing next to the vents.

It is worth keeping an eye on just because, as we said, impostors can use the system at will. Watching them can give you the opportunity to find the criminal.

3. Read the behavior of others

Have an analytical profile and identify the behavior of others. Impostors will almost always run away from sabotaged areas instead of towards them. This already gives strong indications of who the enemy is.

Another behavior that deserves attention: impostors try to pass the card on a door, pretending to be a crew member. This is one of the best ways to discover an impostor.

4. Complete the tasks

Crew members have tasks and they must be completed. Walking around, wandering around in search of the impostor is dishonest and represents a lack of teamwork. So be aware of what you have to do, mainly because it can help speed up the end of the game and guarantee your victory.

5. Avoid pressing the red button randomly

The red button should only be used when something really happens: a body discovered, a sabotage made. Otherwise, pressing the button is bullshit. Tightening for nothing can have the opposite effect, causing you to be eliminated for distrusting your attitude.


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