The 70 best horror games of all time!

re4 terror

Horror games don’t just have to be zombies or ghosts to scare! To prove it, we brought you the 70 best games of the genre of all time, with the most varied types of scares and horror. From spirits to the undead, you have on this list games for the most diverse styles of gameplay and for the most diverse platforms!

1. Resident Evil 4 (2005)

re4 terror
  • Platforms: GameCube, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii and PC

Resident Evil 4 deserves the first place for all the reasons: dark ambience, smart zombies and even that strange merchant who appears everywhere. Since 2005, few games have been able to mix action, puzzle solving and little heart-stopping moments when enemies emerge out of nowhere.

2. Layers of Fear (2016)

Layers of Fear
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Layers of Fear brings classic elements of horror. It is first person, and you must explore an old mansion in which you are the only living resident. While walking through rooms, living rooms and various rooms you will discover in the worst way that you are not alone. And the worst thing is that you can die at any moment.

3. Alien: Isolation (2015)

Alien: Isolation
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4

Alien: Isolation is a masterpiece of horror survival. Running away from Alien is one of the coolest and scariest things in the world, as there is literally no way to know where the xenomorph comes from. So, my friend, put on the headset, prepare the scream and explore the spaceship trying not to face death.

4. PT (2014)


PT is only a few minutes long, but it is considered by many to be the scariest game ever made. So much so that even its creator, Kojima, is afraid of the game! In it you explore an “empty” house, but discover a mortal entity that will do anything to kill you.

5. Resident Evil 2 (1998)

resident evil 2 terror
  • Platforms: PC, PS1, GameCube, Dreamcast, N64, PS4 (remake) and Xbox One (remake)

Resident Evil 2 was so good that it won a remake. Leon and Claire Redfield team up to face the creator of the G-Virus, something even more powerful than the original T-Virus. The game is of a very high quality narrative, with good combat and striking puzzles, each of which has a different story and objectives.

6. Silent Hill 2 (2001)

silent hill 2 terror
  • Platforms: PS2, Xbox and PC

Silent Hill 2 is still today one of the best horror games of all time. Inspired by movies and books, the plot returns the player to the ghost town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife. Solving puzzles and exploring scenarios full of enemies, your mission is to survive in a hostile, dark environment full of surprises.

7. Resident Evil 7 (2017)

re7 terror
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC

Surviving the Baker family is not for everyone. You are looking for your wife, Mia, who would be trapped in an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere. As you might expect, all of this is a big trap, and now your mission is to reach the end of the game alive and escape the clutches of the lunatic residents of the place.

8. Outlast 2 (2017)

outlast 2
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC

You and your wife are two journalists looking for clues about the disappearance of a pregnant woman. Your helicopter crashes and your wife disappears. Now the goal is to find her, but for that she must survive a village full of worshipers from a demonic sect. Heavy!

9. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (2016)

rush of blood

Until Dawn is great, but Rush of Blood is even more scary as it is in VR. There are 7 levels where you must dodge, explode and try not to have a heart attack when enemies come your way. There are different paths in each stage, and you can choose the themes that most frighten you, be it spirits, clowns, zombies, among others.

10. SOMA (2015)

sum terror
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4

In SOMA you will try to survive an underwater scientific installation, in which the enemies are machines with human conscience. There are no weapons, only your intelligence and strategy to avoid getting caught. Each monster that appears has a unique characteristic, and it’s up to you to adapt.

11. Dead Space (2008)

dead space terror
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

In Dead Space you see an alien virus invading a mining space ship. This virus contaminates the crew and turns them into enemies. Can you survive this? Worst of all, each enemy has a way of killing, so it will require a lot of patience on your part!

12. Bloodborne (2015)

Bloodborne (2015)

In Bloodborne you visit the city of Yharnam, which holds a powerful medicine. All travelers who sought this remedy were turned into monsters. Your objective is to end this curse, in a beautiful RPG game with elements of action and exploration.

13. Until Dawn (2015)

until dawn terror

Until Dawn puts a group of teenagers to survive in a mountain chalet for one night. Your choices in gameplay define the course of the characters, being able to save all as well as let all die. Absurd tension from start to finish!

14. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

amnesia terror

Another masterpiece, in which you don’t even have a weapon. You must use your intelligence, speed and logical thinking to survive a castle full of monsters and darkness. To make it difficult, contact with creatures can make you lose your sanity, which leads to death.

15. Alan Wake (2010)

Alan Wake
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox and Xbox One

Alan Wake looks like a TV series, with 6 episodes. Alan Wake is a writer, who is looking to solve his wife’s disappearance. You have human and non-human enemies, and each has a different way of being faced. If you like it, you can still download DLCs, with additional content that continues the narrative.

16. Little Nightmares (2017)

Little Nightmares
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4

A very cute puzzle game that puts the player in control of Six, a girl who must escape from a boat full of enemies. Without weapons, your only way to get out alive is to be smarter than the creatures, solving puzzles and finding safe paths.

17. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (2003)

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly
  • Platforms: PS2, PS3 and Xbox

In this magnificent game, you control Mio Amakura, who, together with his sister, explores a ghost town. Spirits are your enemies, and the only way to murder them is to photograph them, as this causes them to lose power. But imagine photographing several ghosts at the same time, under the pressure of being killed? Keyed up…

18. Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005)

Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • Platforms: Xbox 360 and PC

First person game, focused on collecting clues and evidence. The combat system is quite interesting, as weapons tend to kill with just one shot. The problem is that enemies can also kill you like this. Exploration, puzzle solving and intense combat are the hallmarks of this game that makes you an investigator of bizarre crimes.

19. FEAR (2005)

  • Platforms: Xbox 360, PC and PS3

FEAR is an organization of agents who fight spiritual enemies with firearms. Strange or not, the game is very good, having an intense and frantic combat, accompanied by a really scary environment.

20. The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us is not quite terror, we know, but it is a game that gives good scares. Besides, being one of the few survivors in an apocalypse is not the easiest thing in life. So this game deserves that place on the list, as it is heavy enough to make players always tense.

21. Lone Survivor (2012)

Lone Survivor
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Wii U

Lone Survivor is a survival horror that puts the player in the shoes of a simple civilian who must follow his hallucinations. There are several possible endings, according to your interaction with the game world, which is quite large. The character can die from lack of food, illness, sleep or, of course, killed by enemies.

22. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (2020)

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

All we can say about this Walking Dead is that the VR experience gives players one of the best games on the series ever made. Killing zombies with virtual reality goggles is a lot of fun and, of course, tense. And you never know where more zombies will come from, so it’s good to play in an open space, so you don’t drop anything when you get scared!

23. Metro Exodus (2019)

Metro Exodus
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC

Metro Exodus puts the player in an abandoned Russia, full of mutant and human enemies. It resembles Fallout in some ways, and it still has a very interesting weapon crafting system. Although it is more action than terror, it can take some epic scares when the mutant creatures appear out of nowhere.

24. The Evil Within 2 (2017)

The Evil Within 2
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC

The sequel to The Evil Within can be even more frightening. Rescuing the protagonist’s daughter when going down to the world of Union is super difficult already in Casual mode, but if you go to Nightmare mode, you certainly won’t be able to survive the first few minutes of the game. So if what you want is difficulty, this is the perfect game.

25. Paratopic (2018)


Paratropic is very short, but it has a very heavy narrative. It talks about smuggling, murder and other illicit things, in a retro 3D setting, focused on dialogue and exploration. It’s really worth it mainly because it costs less than $ 10 on Steam.

26. Castlevania: Bloodlines (1994)

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Bloodlines is not the best of the Castlevania ever released, but it is a game with a very cool theme, as it puts the player and Dracula in the real world, involved in the First World War. Facing the vampire and his monster henchmen while chasing him around the world is really fun.

27. Parasite Eve (1998)

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is a survival horror role-playing game. It’s a PS1 classic, featuring a police officer who uncovers strange facts about her past. Although the elements of terror are subtle, they appear in the game in a very interesting way.

28. Resident Evil 3 (1999)

Resident Evil 3
  • Platforms: PS1, DreamCast, GameCube and PC (remake for PS4 and Xbox One)

Resident Evil 3 is an old acquaintance of the gamer community. Be the original, be the remake, let’s agree that it is incredible to have to flee and face the terrible Nemesis, who literally appears out of nowhere when you least expect it.

29. Super Ghouls’ n Ghosts (1991)

Super Ghouls' n Ghosts
  • Platforms: SNES, Sega Saturn, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, GameBoy

Very cute game, more childish, but with a very well constructed medieval history. You control knight Arthur, in search of saving Princess Prim-Prim from a horde of demons.

30. Yume Nikki (2004)

Yume Nikki

A unique indie game, which puts the player to explore different worlds of dreams of the protagonist. The problem is when dreams turn into nightmares …

31. Oxenfree (2016)

  • Platforms: PC and Android

Oxenfree puts players on an island, with a group of teenagers. After supernatural events, they decide to unravel the secrets of this place, embarking on a journey full of mysteries and some very memorable soups.

32. Limbo (2010)

  • Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mobile

Limbo scares much more for the theme and the setting than necessarily for the enemies. The game is dark, in a forest, with puzzles that challenge your speed and intelligence to avoid falling into the claws of spiders or into the deepest chasms.

33. Inside (2016)

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Inside is basically a Limbo, but with more colors. The premise is the same: explore an environment, solve puzzles and survive enemies. The difference is that the enemies are spirits.Advertisement

34. Granny (2017)


Granny was very successful in 2019 and 2020 as it is a survival game for Mobile that scares a lot. Facing the immortal old woman while looking for a way out of her mansion falling apart is one of the most fun experiences available for mobile.

35. Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

Left 4 Dead 2
  • Platforms: Xbox 360 and PC

Left 4 Dead 2 is almost a retelling of The Walking Dead. The mission is to survive with a group of allies to the zombie apocalypse. The fun thing is that the mechanics available for survival are varied, allowing you to build a unique style of play.

36. Devotion (2019)


This game is quite bizarre, with a confusing and unconventional storyline. It mixes elements from the culture of Taiwan and China, bringing spirits for the player to face. It resembles a little PT, mainly because it is a game focused on exploring different environments.

37. The Binding of Isaac (2011)

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is a game seen from above, with two-dimensional sprites, focused on exploring dungeons. This roguelike has its mechanics inspired by The Legend of Zelda, and the objective is to explore 8 floors of the dungeon. You face several enemies, including bosses, in a narrative partially inspired by the Bible.

38. Anatomy (2016)


Game with multiple endings, lasting only 45 minutes, but with a lot of terror. You explore a house, collecting tapes, to try to understand what’s going on. The horror is in the setting, the soundtrack and the sound effects that make you afraid to walk.

39. Doom (1993)


  • Platforms: PC, Arcade, SNES, Game Boy and PS1

Doom is a classic that is never lost. In 1993 it was much more frightening, with its demons, heavy soundtrack and setting in hell. Today, without the strong attachment of terror, it remains a great shooter for those who like old games.

40. Pathologic 2 (2019)

Pathologic 2
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4

Pathologic 2 is survival, in which you have to take care of the basic needs of the character: hunger, thirst, tiredness, among others. The goal is to survive 12 days in the game. Spoiler: it’s almost impossible to do this without dying.

41. This War of Mine (2014)

This War of Mine
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile, PS4, Xbox One

This War of Mine has a more psychological terror, as it is a legitimate survival. You can die of hunger, sadness, illness or being hurt by enemies. Try to survive the horrors of war by building a shelter and looking for supplies and resources from several nearby locations.

42. Five Nights At Freddy’s (2014)

five night at freddys
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a bizarre survival game in which you must survive 5 nights in a pizzeria, as a night guard. For that, you can’t let the robotic dolls see you. Otherwise, they will kill you.

43. Splatterhouse 3 (1993)

Splatterhouse 3

In Splatterhouse 3 you will explore a mansion with your family, trying to find your way out of the house. There are 4 different endings, only 1 of which is the end that everyone gets along with. So take it easy to save your family from the demons.

44. Dead by Daylight (2016)

Dead by Daylight
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer in which a creature must kill humans while they try to escape. The cool thing is that all the killers are based on characters from the movies and books, each of which has its own unique power.

45. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (2002)

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

This game features 12 playable characters, each with different strength and energy levels. The mechanics are the same as the first Resident Evil, with a focus on exploration, collecting items for inventory and solving puzzles. The narrative is well constructed, centered on a family and its past.

46. ​​Friday The 13th: The Game (2017)

Friday The 13th: The Game
  • Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4

The name itself already indicates what to expect from the game: Jason Vorhees against the survivors. Choose your side and try to triumph in the most diverse maps in the game, facing your biggest fears.

47. Clock Tower (1995)

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is a narrative game, in which the terror is in fear of being captured. You cannot attack enemies, just run away. Using the environment around you is essential to survive, mainly because it contains the resolution of each puzzle that allows you to reach the end of the game.

48. Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (2005)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Fatal Frame III is not as good as the first two, but it brings many frightening moments to the players. Now you can control up to 3 protagonists, who, with Camera Obscura, must photograph the spirits to defend themselves.

49. Imscared (2012)


Game in first person, that puts you in front of the Creature, that follows the protagonist through all the scenarios. The goal is to escape the maze of corridors and escape from the enemy before it reaches you.

50. Cyberqueen (2012)


Cyberqueen is a text horror game, in which you get instructions from the machine, while it tells a story to the player. It is almost like a virtual table RPG, in which the terror lies in its ability to immerse itself in the narrative.

51. Echo (2017)


Echo is a game in which you face yourself. The game makes copies of your playing style and sends these clones as enemies. Every 5 minutes there is a blackout and new enemies come, with a new way to fight, to face it. All of this while you try to escape from where you are.

52. Siren (2003)


In this game you can control several characters, each of whom has a different story. The game takes place in a Japanese village, during a curse that lasts 3 days.

53. Haunting Ground (2005)

haunting ground

It didn’t have the success it deserved, but Haunting Ground is pretty good. You progress through the levels as you solve puzzles and overcome enemies. The problem is that each creature has the power to panic the character, making it difficult to beat them if you have no strategy.

54. Killer7 (2005)

  • Platforms: PS2, GameCube and PC

Killer7 is a game that is not quite terror, but has a very psychological theme. You are an assassin who has 7 personalities, each with very unique powers. It’s almost like a Ben 10, only more adult!

55. Duskers (2016)


In Duskers you are a drone controller who must search a giant map to understand why practically all of humanity has disappeared. The answer is quite scary …

56. System Shock 2 (1999)

System Shock 2
  • Platforms: Dreamcast and PC

Your biggest enemy here is a computer system that is genetically modifying people. The terror lies in the fact that you don’t know who your enemies are.

57. Anchorhead (1998)

  • Platforms: Browser and PC

This interactive fiction game is one of the best ever made. You must investigate an old mansion inherited from your ancestors. Based on a tale by HP Lovecraft, the game hides many interesting secrets.

58. Cold Fear (2005)

Cold Fear
  • Platforms: PS2, Xbox and PC

Your great enemy and terror here is a parasite, which turns your boat crew into zombies. The mechanics of the game are quite convincing for the time, but it fell far short of expectations, mainly because it was released almost together with Resident Evil 4.

59. Slender: The Arrival (2013)

Slender: The Arrival
  • Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

In this simple but very tense game, your main mission is to escape from Slenderman, although there are other enemies chasing you. The game is described by critics as one of the most distressing experiences of horror games.

60. Penumbra Overture (2007)

Penumbra Overture

You lost both parents, but the father sends you a letter, even though he is supposedly dead. Following several clues, you will become involved in a supernatural plot, with bloody creatures ready to devour you.

61. Among the Sleep (2015)

Among the Sleep
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

You control a 2-year-old baby, who wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. Your mission is to explore a house full of ghosts and illusions, trying to survive the limitations of being just a helpless child.

62. Hunt: Showdown (2018)

Hunt: Showdown
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC

This first person shooter puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter, who must kill a mythological creature and get out alive. On the way you will encounter dozens of mythical and supernatural enemies, including mutants and zombies.

63. Dino Crisis (1999)

Dino Crisis
  • Platforms: PS1, PS2, Xbox and PC

Dino Crisis is another classic, the Resident Evil of the dinosaurs. In fact, the mechanics are the same as in the first games in the zombie franchise, but your mission is to survive huge prehistoric creatures that try to snatch you in every corner of the map.

64. Manhunt (2003)

  • Platforms: PS2, Xbox, PC and PS4

Manhunt consists of 20 stages, in which you take charge of a serious killer. The game is focused on violence and the most varied styles of murder that can be committed.

65. Observer (2017)

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

This game is very different, in which you are a detective who can hack people’s minds. The terror is in the things you discover, so it is a very psychological game.

66. Silent Hill 4: The Room (2004)

Silent Hill 4: The Room
  • Platforms: PS2, PS3, Xbox and PC

For the first time we don’t see Silent Hill, but the city of Ashfield. The objective of the game is to escape the protagonist’s apartment, which faces, in addition to his visions, a supernatural serial killer.

67. The Suffering (2004)

The Suffering
  • Platforms: PS2, Xbox, Wii and PC

In The Suffering you are a prisoner who allegedly killed your family. You are in a maximum security prison, where you witness supernatural events. Your mission is to escape alive and discover the real truth behind the murder of your family.

68. The Forest (2014)

The Forest

The Forest puts you as a survivor in a forest full of wild dangers. In addition, you will find a tribe of cannibals who can either be your mortal enemy or leave you alone. Everything will depend on your choices and how you deal with these humans.

69. STALKER: Call of Pripyat (2009)


STALKER: Call of Pripyat takes place in Chernobyl after the nuclear accident. This post-apocalyptic game is a Ukrainian version of Fallout, as its enemies are radiation, human factions and, of course, some creatures modified by the plant’s explosion.

70. Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light
  • Platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Dying Light is a survival game in first person, in an apocalyptic scenario in which you must escape and kill hundreds of zombies. The open world is huge, and it has many resources at your disposal so that you can equip yourself in the best possible way.


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